Enigma Verte Suisse absinthe

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65% abv Country of origin Switzerland

Format 70cl

Silver medal London IWSC 2012

This fine Swiss absinthe verte was commissioned from Oliver Matter of Matter-Luginbühl distillery in Switzerland.

Enigma VS will please those of you looking for a full-bodied absinthe with plenty of wormwood. It is a light peridot colour which louches to a light green with white and hints of blue. The louche grows at a steady pace with layering. The nose is clean and crisp with a light herbal character becoming evident as water is added. The first taste is of wormwood and mint followed by sweetish anise enclosing a strong herbal character. The finish is long with a lingering flavour of wormwood.
Enigma Verte suisse

Products | Absinthe |  Enigma Verte Suisse absinthe