June 2011

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Class Magazine Enigma tasting

In June Class magazine held a tasting of LDF's Enigma absinthes, we were particularly pleased with the review our blanche was given!

Enigma blanche

Tasting: Crystal clear (louches with off white blueish tinge when water added). (Hydrated) A clean herbal nose with wormwood, anise, genepi and angelica. Clean, slightly sweet, aniseed and mint palate with woody wormwood. The incredibly long finish is a continuation of the palate. 4.5/5

Enigma verte

Tasting: Clear, grassy green (louches creamy pale yellow off green). (Hydrated) Minty anise and wormwood nose with aromas of veronica. Hefty herbal wormwood palate with anise and a hit of clove. Long lasting, huge finish with wormwood fading to spicy liquorice. 3.5/5

News & Events |  June 2011