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Imbibe absinthe tasting

With a whopping 77 points Enigma Blanche de Fougerolles was the clear favourite at the Imbibe absinthe tasting. Universally loved, this elicited all manner of positive tasting notes, with panellists identifying everything from candied fruit, tropical fruit, lychee, fennel, anise and lime, to toffee and caramel. Tasters noted the attractive louche effect on the addition of water, which also opened up some floral notes. ‘Something of a departure’, as one taster put it.

Enigma Verte de Fougerolles garnered 60 points. Descriptors included Tiger Balm, Deep Heat, bay leaf, thyme, coriander and grass. This was summed up by one taster as a ‘medicinal nightcap’. Another panel divider, drawing criticism for its green milky appearance and vegetal aromas. On the upside, others enjoyed its warmth, spiciness and typicity.


Absinthes both old and new were called in, and were eligible for the tasting provided they were available in the UK. They were tasted blind, in two flights, blanche first, followed by the vertes, each flighted in ascending order of abv. Tasters were presented with the samples neat, but provided with water, and all samples were diluted before tasting. Each absinthe was rated out of 20, with value for money being taken into account. These scores were averaged out to a percentage score for each absinthe. Each taster then chose an absinthe from the tasting to create a cocktail with.

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Marian Beke, Nightjar, Clinton Cawood, Imbibe, Alex Cowey, Worship Street Whistling Shop, Artur Dogiel, Riding House Café, Julian de Feral, Lutyens, Lee Hyde, Met Bar



On 15th September Liqueurs de France provided Enigma cocktails and traditional serves at the launch preview for designers hosted by ON|OFF and Tuuli at the Rankin studio ahead of London Fashion Week. Enigma was also used to create a 'Nitro' molecular gastronomy cocktail provided by Bubble.

In addition to our hosts Tuuli and Rankin, also present on the evening were Erin O'Connor, Margo Stilley and Laroux.

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News & Events |  September 2011